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Afrikaans Beginners Course

Did you come here for work or as a diplomat? Maybe you lost your heart to an Afrikaner and want to make the Rainbow Nation your new home. You could even be a South African wishing to add another of our 11 fascinating official languages to your repertoire.

Perhaps your Afrikaans friends have already taught you every naughty Afrikaans word in the book or maybe even some “lekker” legitimate phrases from school if you’re a local, and now you crave to really join the braai banter. This group course is chock-full of creative and engaging lessons with abundant opportunity for interaction and improvement.

Everything you need to know:



8 weekly 2-hour lessons:
8, 15, 22, 29 MAY & 5, 12, 19, 26 JUNE


R2,600, incl. your drinks (*10% discount applies depending on where you heard about the course)


Junipa’s Artisan Coffee Shop, Bryanston
(Cnr Hobart and Grosvenor Roads)

Spot-on Pronunciation


Core Vocabulary

Real Conversations

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Email us at for more information and how to book your spot.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Tell me more about my language instructor

Ilse is a seasoned language instructor with 18 years teaching experience in the UK, Japan and South Africa. She’s created curriculum material for commercial language programmes and has worked in the Afrikaans publishing, journalism and radio industries. She smitten with travelling, red wine, outdoor adventures and people, and loves the exciting direction Afrikaans is taking.

Who is this course for?

The course is designed for complete beginners living in Johannesburg that are passionate about learning Afrikaans for your work, cultural integration or because your have an Afrikaans partner.

What will I be able to do at the end of the course?

Students will be able to understand and use familiar greetings, every day expressions and easy phrases. You will ask and answer questions and interact in a simple way, with basic listening, reading and writing skills. You will also know more about the history of Afrikaans, it’s role in modern-day Afrikaans and why its adored by its speakers.

Where will the course take place?

Junipa’s is a well-established coffee shop and artisan bakery in Bryanston. “From the gorgeous aromas emitted from the on-site bakery, to the stylish chairs upholstered in hessian coffee sacks, Junipa’s offers an ambience like no other and reminds us of what it truly means to feel at home.” The lessons will take place in a private area near the back, and will include a delectable hot drink of your choice with each class.

What will we learn in the lessons?
In a fun and engaging way, you will cover all the essentials such as greetings, talking about yourself and asking questions, with a solid selection of basic vocabulary. In fact, you’ll order in Afrikaans at the first lesson! We’ll also make sure you have perfect pronunciation and a good idea of the fundamental grammar.
Each lesson will give you the chance to speak, listen to, read and write the language language – with easy, enjoyable activities to understand what Afrikaans is about and how to speak it.
What accreditation can I get in Afrikaans in future?

If you require a formal certification for your language efforts or would like a good challenge, ideal goal is the IGCSA certification from Cambridge, which can be taken in Pretoria/Johannesburg (which will assess your comprehension, writing and verbal skills). These are usually written in October, and a complete beginner will need at least 2 years of study.

Preparation for this will require a combination of language courses, self-study and private tutoring. This beginner course is designed to jump-start your Afrikaans journey.


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